Directly support organizations closest to the ground in states where it matters most. This week, we're raising for 5 incredible organizations across Oklahoma — because what happens in Oklahoma affects us all.


The inspiration is simple: We cannot afford to write off so-called "red states" any longer. From public education to trans rights and criminal legal reform – Oklahoma is on the frontlines of the biggest fights facing our democracy today.

These groups are in the trenches fighting back against the most regressive legislation in the country.

  • Before Roe fell, Oklahoma had the strictest abortion laws in the country.
  • Just this year, the Oklahoma legislature has introduced over 40 anti-LGBTQ bills.
  • The Governor of Oklahoma went all the way to the Supreme Court to try and strip away tribal sovereignty.

Fight back against these anti-democratic forces in Oklahoma.

Meet the Organizations

Foundation for Liberating Minds

Disrupting root causes of oppression and marginalization through transformative education.

Justice For Julius

Julius Jones Institute

Educating and mobilizing Oklahomans to expand civic engagement and positively impact systemic injustices.

"Oklahoma Civics for All"

OK Civic Learning Coalition

Building new civic learning opportunities for all Oklahoma students.

"let's fix this."

Let's Fix This.

Engaging and empowering underrepresented communities to build sustainable people power.

a black program with white font that says "Red Dirt Collective" with the organization's logo

Red Dirt Collective

Creating an inclusive movement of the poor and working class through organizing, mutual aid, and community.

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