We show up
in the real

Groundwork supports local community organizers in places where the fight isn't over one candidate or one election but over the survival of justice, equity — and democracy itself. From the Deep South to Appalachia and the Plains: We show up in the states progressives have gotten used to writing off and invest in the local leaders working year-round to reclaim power.



outline of Alabama


Alabama’s rich political history features some of the most history-changing local organizing of the Civil Rights Era as well as the most stark setbacks. Reckoning with this juxtaposition offers a path to durable and equitable change.

Outline of Mississippi


Local leaders in Mississippi have spent the last five years building critical infrastructure. But real resources are needed to overcome generations of racial segregation and disenfranchisement.

outline of West Virginia

West Virginia

The roots of the Democratic Party run through West Virginia. But to win again, we have to build back trust, with rural voters in particular. And you can’t do that with just one election cycle or one campaign.

Outline of Oklahoma


With deep wells of conservative power and the lowest voter turnout rates in the country, the road ahead in Oklahoma is difficult. But the state’s organizing ecosystem is rising high, despite the odds. And with actual resources, they’ll write a new political story for Oklahoma’s future.

The Groundwork Theory of Change

Organizing builds infrastructure. Infrastructure builds power.

At Groundwork we believe that investing in local organizing is the single most effective tool for building durable political infrastructure and securing power for those historically excluded. Why? Because local community organizing is the seed from which all else grows. From a vibrant organizing base you build year-round voter engagement, reliable political data, healthy candidate pipelines, policy influence, and powerful social movements.

You build power.

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